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Vintage Bird Brush Cleaning Gel

     Vintage Bird Brush Cleaning Gel is a full of must have for furniture and decor.

      This coconut oil based cleaner is non-toxic, solvent free, and biodegradable.

      A little bit of this thick gel goes a long, long way. A small pea sized amount is enough to produce sufficient foam to clean 1 to 2 medium brushes, or 3 small, artist brushes, making it great value. 

      How To Use:
      • Apply gel directly to brush tip after dampening the brush under warm water.¬†
      • Gently massage the gel through the brush bristles. It will form a thick, creamy foam.
      • Continue to massage foam through bristles and then thoroughly rinse your brush under warm water. Always rinse your brush holding it tip down so paint residue doesn‚Äôt get lodged in the ferrule during cleaning.
      • Spin off excess water¬†
      • If you‚Äôre using a Cling On brush, they can be stored with the tip resting in a shallow jar of water after washing to keep the tips moist. ¬†You can find comprehensive info on caring for our Cling On brush here to keep it in tip top shape.¬†
      Good To Know:

      Our Cleaning Gel can also help to remove old, dried paint from the bristles and around the ferrule of your brushes. Place some gel on a damp brush and massage in as described above. When you have a thick foam, place the brush into a jar of warm/hot water and soak overnight. Massage again in the morning, rinse throughly and enjoy using your revitalised brush! 

      It’s great for all acrylic and water based paints, and is also a safe and gentle way to wash your hands after painting.


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Kate Larson
      Great soap

      My brushes have never come up this well after cleaning. Highly recommend ūüėÉ

      Jen Dawson
      THE most AWESOME product

      This cleaning gel is amazing stuff for cleaning brushes, with no harm or irritation to skin as you handle it. The Best Buy for furniture flippers! Love it!


      I will now always have some of this brush cleaning gel on hand. It’s amazing! And a bonus-it leaves hands nice and soft.

      Jody Crilly
      Brush cleaning gel

      Thank goodness for this product!! Love painting but hate the clean up…..this gel is fantastic! Fast and effective for a quick brush clean up. Highly recommend this product

      Hi Jody, thanks for your review. We love our cleaning gel too. Don't know what i would do without it!

      Pauleen Kite
      Brush cleaning gel

      After I had finished painting I started to clean my brush under the tap but wasn’t doing a very good job and then remembered how the brush cleaning gel can with my pack I used it on my brush and I was amazed at the difference! The brush cleaned up very easy with all paint removed. Upon using the brush again it was like using a new brush again. I really love all the products!

      Hi Pauline. Thank you. I've used the Brush Gel on the crustiest, dirtiest brushes with great results too! It is also a treat for me hands after painting - much kinder than the Solvo soap I used to use.