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About us - All about Bird on the Hill Designs

Want to find out more about The Vintage Bird Paint Ranges? 

Hi. I'm Corrina, chief paint addict at Bird on the Hill Designs and creator of the Vintage Bird Paint¬ģ range.¬†

I love making¬†paint, and leading¬†DIY painting¬†workshops supported by a dedicated¬†and talented team, including my ¬†husband Rob and our children. It‚Äôs truly a whole family venture! The Vintage Bird HQ is shared between our property ‚ÄúBellendale‚ÄĚ, (on the side of a hill with lots of birds around) and our Bird on the Hill Studio in the town of Temora,¬†in NSW's Riverina region.

I’ve been painting and mixing paint since I was a teenager under the watchful eye of my father, who was a paint maker/tinter by trade. 



Our paint ranges evolved from a love of all things vintage and saving and restoring pieces from the past. It’s an added bonus that we can utilise our easy to use paint to refresh our funiture pieces that aren’t so vintage (think of those mass produced pine tall boys!)

I'm incredibly proud of the paint I have created. I love using it and I'm sure you will too.

The Vintage Bird Paint¬ģÔłŹranges are designed to be a simple, 3 step process which allows you to get great results at home. I am also receiving wonderful feedback from professional furniture painters and painting friends in the biz‚Äô - they¬†love using our paint too!

Our products are predominantly made in small batches with quality, artist grade ingredients,  and our all natural Milk Paint is one of the first commercial powdered milk paint brands made exclusively in Australia with Australian sourced mineral and pigment.

ALL of our paint and finishes are No/Low VOC (volatile organic compounds) and non-toxic. They are all safe to use in any room of your home.


"In the Studio"


We love a good collaboration here at Bird on the Hill and are so happy to be able to work with other great businesses here in our local community, throughout Australia, and even overseas! We stock a broad range of up-cycling accessories to enable you to give your furniture pieces a unique look that suits your home and lifestyle. 

“Home on the Hill"


Our team is here to help. 

Don't hesitate to contact me, or any of our customer service team if you have any product or painting related  questions. We are  more than happy to assist.

You can also find our FAQ page HERE




All our Vintage Bird Brand products are proudly developed and made in Australia.

Happy Painting,


If you have a question regarding a painting project or need some colour advice, drop us a line...