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Want To Paint Your Furniture? It's As Simple As 1,2,3!

It's Never Been Easier To Give Your Furniture A Makeover...

We've broken it down into 3 easy (and quick!) steps to show you how simple it is to transform your old, dated decor and fall in love with it all over again.


Paint-your-furniture-with-Vintage-Bird-Furniture-Paint-in-three-easy-steps.- Step-1-is-to-do-some-basic-prep.


Taking a little time at the beginning will give you a durable, and long lasting finish.

What you need to do:

Clean thoroughly. 

Scuff sand your entire piece with sandpaper to create a little surface traction for your paint to adhere too.

Clean again.

Not always needed, but sometimes you should use bonding agent or a 3-1 prep coat for best results.

Examples of when you may need either of these: you are starting with a very satin, smooth surface. You're painting a light colour over a dark surface (using white prep coat first saves you time and paint). If you have to cover up any stains, or funky odours you still have even after cleaning & sanding. 




This is the fun part! 

We just love seeing those first few strokes of colour appear on our prepped pieces. You can see it taking on a new life! You can choose your colour HERE

When painting, we always recommend painting in THIN coats. This helps your surface dry silky smooth, and also helps to prevent your paint from chipping or flaking in future. You're taking the time to do it, so may as well do it right! 

Make sure you shake paint REALLY well and then stir before starting. Allow paint to be touch dry between coats (about 30 minutes usually).

3 thin coats are usually sufficient. If you are painting a light colour over a dark surface, you can paint with our Prep Coat first to save you paint & time. 




You're on the home run now...

Even though our Vintage Bird Furniture Paint is made with a self-sealing acrylic base, we recommend an extra layer of protection for high traffic (often touched and used) surfaces. This just makes it easier for you to clean and maintain, and can also help prevent chipping for things that get moved around a lot - like dining chairs.

You have a choice of finishes. We love our Hemp Finishing Oil for it's sheer simplicity, our Eggshell Clear Coat for it's beatiful, subtle sheen and toughness, or our Wax Paste for it's traditional, and beautiful good looks. 

Find our full range of finish products, and how to use them  HERE



Woo Hoo!

You're all done. Enjoy your beautiful "new" piece of furniture and bathe in the enjoyment of knowing your did it all yourself. Go on, do a little happy dance -  you deserve to feel just a little bit smug...


Happy Painting xxoo


If you would like more information on the steps above, check our  'Beginners Blog' for comprehensive tips and hacks to help you paint like a pro at home.

You can find it HERE 

There are a great range of other blogs there too with lots of tips & hacks to help.


Painting with our Vintage Bird Milk Paint is an easy, 3 step process too.  You can find out more about mixing it to use HERE