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Saltwash Paint Additive - Large 42oz


Saltwash¬ģ powder is a product invented to create a unique faux finishes, including weather worn, layered sun and salt air soaked look in just three quick steps.

Large can is 1.19kg and will cover approximately 6 - 7 square metres, depending on paint used and surface being painted. 

Saltwash¬ģpowder is made with real sea salt so you will notice it dries quickly and has great adhesion. It can be mixed into any brand, colour or finish of water based paint and is always used as a base coat. When mixed to the desired consistency, Saltwash¬ģ can be applied to almost any surface that takes paint.

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How to Use Saltwash

Using Saltwash is simple - you just mix it in with your paint and then stir and combine until you have a mixture that is like a thick cake batter, or thick icing.

Once you have the right consistency, you can start to apply straight away.

The beauty of Saltwash¬ģ is you do not have to prep your surface before starting - the¬†chemical make-up, including Sea Salt, give Saltwash¬ģ an incredible adhesion to any surface without priming,¬†or sanding and just a quick clean.

Saltwash is used as your primer/based layer. Apply so it sits in stiff peaks, and after a few minutes, use your brush to flatten the peaks lightly. 

Once your base coat is completely dry, apply your paint layer (a contrasting colour looks best). After it has dried, sand well to expose the base layer and the beautiful, weather worn, salt washed look!

More About Saltwash

Saltwash¬ģ powder is a no VOC¬†product and all of the ingredients are considered safe in a normal working environment. The manufacturers of Saltwash are¬†conscientious of safety, so they¬†recommend to always take appropriate safety precautions. Due to the fine composition of Saltwash¬ģ powder, they suggest¬†wearing proper respiratory and eye protection when mixing and sanding. Saltwash¬ģ is manufactured in the U.S.A.

Originally intended for furniture, Saltwash¬ģ can also give a unique look to walls, flooring, metal, glass, fabric and even plastic.