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Vintage Bird Paint Brush Soap

* NEW, Improved Formula

Using good quality brushes (like the Cling On! range) makes the job of painting so much easier, and enjoyable. Treat your investment of brushes well, and they will last you for years.

We developed a brush cleaning gel a few years ago which made brush TLC easy.

Now we're happy very happy to introduce our new brush soap. It's perfect for that quick clean in between coats.

Made by hand, and with natural ingredients, this soap is perfect for cleaning your furniture painting brushes and rollers used with water based paints.

Ingredients include coconut oil, lemon myrtle essential oil, olive oil, kaolin (white Australian clay), coconut oil and sodium bicarbonate.

Use by rinsing your dirty brush under warm water, then swirl the brush tip on the surface of the soap. When a lather is created, massage into the brush bristles and on to the ferrule. The lather will become thicker and creamier. Rinse under warm water (also holding your brush at 90 degrees with bristles pointing down). Repeat if necessary.

You can also use our brush soap as a stain remover on clothes to remove paint. Dampen soap, and rub gently into the stained area whilst the paint is still wet. Rub to create a lather, and then machine wash garment in warm water.

PS: you can also clean your make up brushes with this brush soap. Use the same technique as above.

The generous size means that this will last you through several dozen brush cleans. Packaged in a re-usable, recycled cotton bag.

Store soap so it is able to drain away any excess liquid between uses. We recommend a soap box, or tin with lid for storage. Can be stored in it's calico bag.

 Proudly Australian made for Bird on the Hill Designs.

*Please note: we have recently improved our soap formulation, so it now has a more green colour than that pictured.

Customer Reviews

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Lyn Bencic

Vintage Bird Paint Brush Soap

Quality paints, easy to apply for excellent results.

I ordered my first Bird on the Hill products around 18 months ago. My first impression was what beautiful quality the paints and brushes were. I also found the cleaning gel made clean up easy! My first project came out beautifully and it was just so easy. I love restoring old furniture and have several pieces I’m looking forward to doing up to give them a more modern look. I’m so excited with my most recent purchase, which came so quickly!
I highly recommend the Bird on the Hill products!