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Espresso Satin Furniture Stain - 250ml

Premium quality, water based stain or wash for your furniture up-cycling projects.

Unlike many other water based stains on the market, this is not just paint and water. Our stains have been developed using premium, Australian made artist grade gel mediums, water soluble coloured pigments, and incorporates our transparent Clear Coat. This means the finished stain will have a silky, gentle satin sheen and will give you a durable, hard wearing, non yellowing finish.

To read our comprehensive 'how to use' guide, click HERE.


Can be used on raw timber like a stain, or over painted surfaces like a glaze or wash. The finish provides translucent colour, and can be built up by applying two or more coats, or further thinned for use as a very light wash by adding 3 parts stain to 1 part water.

Please note: the colour of the dry stain will vary depending on the timber type/tone it is applied to.

  • Apply using a dampened, fine nylon bristled brush, a synthetic, low nap roller, or a damp lint free cloth or sponge.
  • Our stains do wash off, but we recommend using disposable gloves when applying stain as it can discolour areas of dry skin, around cuticles, under nails etc...¬†¬†and take a day or two to fade.

  • We recommend sanding prior to use with a medium grit sand paper and re-sanding gently between coats with our de-glossing pad or other fine grit sandpaper. (600 grit or higher)¬† Allow approximately 1 hr between coats, and allow to dry at least 12 hours before use.

One 250ml bottle will be enough to stain approx 10 -12square metres of raw timber surface. If using over a pre-painted finish (such as our Furniture Paint or Milk Paint, it will likely go further, making this stain excellent value. The final area of coverage will also depend on the timber type and condition. For example, older, dry timber will absorb more stain than a less mature, hydrated piece of timber.

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Jodie Hoskinson
It's so easy to use

I Love it