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DIY Tutorials

Milk Paint is such a beautiful medium to use and allows you to achieve so many different looks. 

I could talk to you all day about why I love milk paint so much, but here are 6 of the best reasons...

Milk Paint How To Use Guide for the Vitntage Bird's Milk Paint. 

Everything you need to know about prep, mixing, painting and finishing your milk painted piece of furniture. OUR MILK PAINT IS LAUNCHING SOON!

Need help choosing a finish to help protect your painted furniture? This post discusses the pros and cons of the three most commonly used finishes.

Have you admired a piece of furniture painted using a layered/distressed look and wondered how it's done?

Distressing furniture to achieve this look can be managed in a few different ways, but the easiest is using hard wax to create areas that resist paint. 

Find all the steps and the products you need to help you in this blog.