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Vintage Bird Furniture Paint does an amazing job of transforming your old, tired furniture, but did you know it works just as well on a variety of other surfaces as well?

I recently painted the embroidered fabric seat of an old chair, and created some pretty, farmhouse style long cushions. Check out this latest blog or find out how.

August‚Äôs Colour of the Month at Bird on the Hill is Black Cat, and we are thrilled to announce a special collaboration with Lindy, the creative force behind ‚ÄúFrom Start to Vintage‚ÄĚ whose beautiful home features on Instagram on her page.¬†

Lindy’s beautifully styled home includes lot’s of Black Cat painted pieces that just ooze vintage farmhouse charm. Read on to find out how you can get the low down on her approach to creating perfect vintage style. 

Create the perfect cosy, winter space at home with these tips from the team at Bird on the Hill. Don’t forget to add some colour and plenty of snuggly layers!

What’s a She-Shed? 

Well if you’re a woman with a crafty habit that is starting to take over the house, read on... It may be time for you to carve out some of your own space for your creative R&R...

Don’t let having to mix Milk Paint put you off using this beautiful medium. It really is easy! 

I’m Corrina, the creator/maker of Vintage Bird Milk Paint, and here are my 5 top tips to help you achieve perfect paint very time. 

There are four good reasons (at least!) why I always paint two to three coats for my painted surfaces... 

I'm sure you have read or heard of paint that does the job with just one coat, but in my experience painting like this doesn't provide a durable, long lasting finish. 

Read on to find out my four reasons, and how you can achieve a durable, smooth and great quality finish that will last for years. 

I've been painting furniture for quite a while, and I've learnt a thing or two.

If finding obvious brush strokes when your furniture paint dries is causing you grief, read on to find my top five tips to help banish the brush strokes! 

If you are looking to add a little something extra to your painted and upcycle furniture and decor, you can’t go past Redesign rub on Furniture Transfers. This blog gives you detailed steps, providing you with everything you need to know to start getting creative at home. I’ve even included a few little hacks I’ve found help me too.

New to the world of up-cycling & wondered what the ‚Äútools of the trade‚ÄĚ are for furniture painters?

Read on to find out - I’ve shared the top 6 things I frequently use when doing painting projects. 

Happy Painting!


Hemp Oil is the easiest way to finish your painted furniture.

Apart from being so simple to apply, it also offers a superior finish and does so much more than just look good! Read on to find out why I love this stuff so much...

(Here’s a hint... it’s super easy and the lazy painters best friend!) 



Using transfers to add beautiful vintage style to your up-cycle projects is easy. See our latest blog to view the ‚Äúhow to‚ÄĚ steps and find out what you need.
Regardless of your technique and what type of paint you use, you will need to do some prep work to ensure you achieve a quality finish.