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Five Things I Love About Hemp Oil

Five Things I Love About Hemp Oil

If you have followed along at Bird on the Hill for a while, you will know that I LOVE our Hemp Finishing OIl. 

It really is the easiest and best way to finish your painted furniture pieces. 

Read on to find out the five reasons why I use hemp oil so much and how it can take your painted furniture finishes to the next level.


1.) Hemp oil is super easy to apply.

No more mucking around with poly finishes and shellac based finishes to ensure that you are getting even consistency, or worrying about air bubbles being trapped in your finish. No more dreaded little bits of debris, hair or (the worst) little insects being trapped in your finish forever more mocking your efforts and hard work... 

Wax is also a gorgeous way to finish your painted surfaces, but it is more labour intensive, and there are a few other reasons why I’m a little fussy about where I use wax, but we we’ll save that for another day...

To apply hemp oil it is as simple as using a chip brush or piece of clean rag to apply your oil to your surfaces. Just apply enough so that you have a film of oil that is sitting on the surface. 

That’s it! Now just leave your oil to soak through the paint substrate to help it lock to the timber underneath and as an added bonus, help hydrate the timber under the paint. ( This is great if you have painted an older or weathered piece of furniture as it will help minimise your new paint splitting or cracking if your timber is too dry. 

2.) Hemp Oil is non toxic and good for you and your furniture!

The hemp oil that we use at Bird on the Hill is non toxic, 100% natural and has nothing else added. It is food safe, meaning you can use it over milk paint on wooden utensils or boards in your kitchen (as our Milk Paint is non toxic and food safe too!)

Our hemp oil is the perfect finish to use if you have any allergies or sensitivities to heavy duty finishes. It smells lovely and you don’t need to worry if you get it on your hands - it’s a fantastic, all natural moisturiser! 

Hemp oil is also a great finish to use on children’s wooden toys, or nursery furniture for the above reasons.


3.) Hemp Oil seals your painted surface - it’s the ultimate protectant coat.

Using hemp oil over our mineral Furniture Paint, or Vintage Bird Milk Paint will give you even more moisture resistance. You can use a damp, soapy cloth (just regular detergent) to wipe over your finish and it is enough to remove grime, surface residue, or liquids that have been spilt. This makes it a great way to finish kitchen, laundry and bathroom cabinetry. 

Hemp oil will help against heat damage on your furniture in a way that water based poly finishes and wax can’t. You know that whitish coloured ring you often see when you place your hot tea cup on your side table? Hemp oil helps protect against that too. If you can still see it after you have cleaned, let the area dry, apply some more oil, let it rest for an hour or so, then remove excess and buff it in. 

As well as these benefits, don‚Äôt forget about how hemp oil works (and what makes it different from other finishes)... We leave hemp oil sit on the surface for at least a few hours to allow it to sink down through the painted layers and into the timber substrate below. This allows the paint to be ‚Äúlocked‚ÄĚ onto the timber, meaning less chance of splitting, blistering or cracking. It also helps to make the paint chip resistant. Win Win!

4.) Hemp Oil will turbo charge your colours!

I just love that moment when I apply hemp oil over my paint and the colours just instantly gain more depth and richness. Obviously, the brighter or deeper the colour, they more you will notice this, but even on the lighter colours you will notice more depth. if you wet sand the paint whilst the oil is still in place, you help push the oil into the paint and this protects the colours against fading. 

I have people ask if the hemp oil (which can range ¬†from straw coloured to a deeper, green olive shade) will discolour white or lighter coloured surfaces. I have used our Hemp Finishing Oil over white, cream and light bone coloured paint and not had any issues with it looking ‚Äúdirty‚ÄĚ once cleaned and buffed. Obviously, the oil will look darker than the white paint underneath whilst it sits on the surface, but once the excess is removed and it is buffed, it won‚Äôt be noticeable . I would recommend only leaving the oil to sit on a light coloured surface for up to 2-3 hours before removing excess if you have any concerns.¬†


5.) Hemp Oil provides a beautiful finish.

Once you have wet sanded and/or buffed your hemp oil finish it will still be a little ‚Äúshiny‚ÄĚ looking for a few days. Don‚Äôt worry - it will settle to a very subtle satin/matt look and provide you with a silky smooth finish. You can re-buff after a couple of days to remove any oil that is still sitting in any nooks or crannies.

The finish is not as satin as buffed wax, and it certainly looks a lot more natural than many of the polyurethane satin finishes available.

The icing on the cake...

It’s very budget friendly!

A 500ml bottle of Birds Finishing Oil will last you through several projects. It will depend on the surface you are finishing, but this means an average  cost of $10-$12 per medium sized project. That means peace of mind when you see your family giving the gorgeous coffee table you laboured over a good work out! 

There are many other reasons why I love our Hemp Finishing Oil, but it’s time to get back to my latest project (which will be hemp oiled obviously!) 

Happy Painting,