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Mum, You’re Amazing - Celebrate The Wins!



I LOVE being a mum!

Being a mum is an incredible, rewarding gig.

It is also one that can be HARD! 


There’s so many things to do, and often, we forget to be kind to ourselves - not leaving a lot of fuel in the tank...

This Mother’s Day, my wish for all the mums out there is to celebrate the wins.

Sometimes it can be hard to see the forrest for the trees - this is where self care and self appreciation comes in.

The “wins” don’t have to be big ones, or maybe there is something you have achieved that you’re super proud of, and you can give yourself a giant pat on the back for. 

My little win so far this week - finally folding the giant  pile of washing that has been sitting on a chair in the family room since the end of school holidays... 🙄🤭

My big win? I would have to say juggling beginning, developing, and growing a business over the past 3 years whilst raising two beautiful little humans, now aged 11 and 14 and creating a company where my husband and I get to work together, meaning we get to have a lot more flexibility for our family. 

It’s only recently that I started reflecting on how huge that is!


I am very fortunate to have some amazing “biz friends” who have given me some wonderful advice, and lots of support and mentoring along the way. One of these is Jodi, owner of Swik Home + Body.

This is Jodi’s story about being a working mum, the change in direction that has taken in the past few years, and how she juggles all the things whilst understanding the importance of looking after herself...

“Swik actually started as a bit of a pipe dream.  I worked in a corporate job for nearly 20 years.  In that time I had 3 (yes 3!) kids and life became insane, then my parents moved interstate and what little help we did ask for from time to time was absolutely gone.  So that was me working 40+ hours a week, plus travel time, my husband the same, kids in day care full time (oh man - the dollars there!) then later, after school care - it was tough.  Throw in after school activities and all those little things you get invited to for school events - I started maxing out my annual leave constantly just so I could be at some of those.  It just didn’t ad up. I am a mum and I felt like I was being anything but.

I started Swik while I was still working full time - and it was really full on doing both - especially towards the end of my corporate career as Swik really got legs.  Lots of 18hr days, but the day I walked out of that office - it was all worth it, such a huge relief to no longer be chained to office hours.  No more annual leave requests, no more rushing to get to the office on time, no more driving in traffic - but also no more morning cafe coffee!  There are still weeks where I work those hours, but most of the time it is because later in the week I have a Cross Country to go and watch at the school, or an assembly to attend there. Now I’m front row waving at one of my 3 cherubs.  

I make my own hours - working early in the morning or late at night, so that I can be there for the important stuff.  Plus, I bought an awesome coffee machine - which I now prefer over store bought!

There are downfalls of course - one of my main phrases at home is “you know I have a job right?  Like right now… I am working” - as they come into my work room asking me to get something, find something, call someone or do something… but at least I am there.  There is also a lot of pressure to make things work - another saying of mine is “if I don’t work, I don’t get paid” - in my previous life, it didn’t matter what I did at work, I always got paid.  So far though, the good far outweighs the bad.  My number 1 love of this new life is that my industry slows right down after Christmas - like literally on Boxing Day - so I get to have most of January ‘off’ or at least on the super quiet side.  Just in time for the summer school holidays.”




Jodi’s story is a great example of mum’s being able to do just about anything when they put their mind to it!  I know mums that need to work two jobs, mums who juggle large, and blended families, mums who care for kids with special needs, and mums who are unwell themselves, but soldier on, wanting to be the best they can for their kids. 

Having a network of like minded girlfriends makes things so much easier when you’re having a bad day and need some support, but there is still no one who should be more invested in your health and welfare than you.

Good, and timely self care is all important as a mum. It’s also a learnt skill - something we need to cultivate and nurture. Just like we do for our kids! It doesn’t need to be complicated - just a few minutes a day to do something that allows your mind to stop, be calm, and re-set.

The other thing we all need to do - stop every now and then and indulge in some “me” time. Re-charge the batteries!


These are my “babies”. Taken a few years ago whilst on a fabulous family holiday. ❤️



Whist practicing self care is something we should dedicate time to everyday, it’s unlikely that you will have time for a pamper session everyday (unless you are extremely lucky!)

This is where Bird on the the Hill Designs and Swik Home+Body is coming to the rescue...

One of the main ways I relax and take time out is to paint and create. It’s amazing therapy! It is a good combination of planning, creating, some physical effort and “doing” to take my mind off other things.



The other thing I love to do is run a bath, pop on some tunes, light a candle and soak in something that smells good...  

So, in the lead up to this Mother’s Day, every purchase from Bird on the Hill will be accompanied by a free gift - something lovely to use in the bath - giving you the perfect excuse to indulge in that “pamper me” time. 

You will also automatically go in the draw to win a luxury Pamper & Create Pack that includes a limited edition “Best Mum Ever” scented candle, bath bomb, whipped soap and some painting & DIY goodies from Vintage Bird Paint, all valued at over $100.00.

The draw will take place on Mother’s Day (9/5/21). 

 Wouldn’t that be a lovely present to receive in the post! Or maybe, you know a mum who would be delighted and grateful to receive such a lovely gift!

All you need to do to receive your free bath bomb or whipped soap, and be in the running to win the pamper pack is make a purchase via the Bird on the Hill online store between Wednesday 28/4/21 and Saturday 8/5/21. 

Swik-Home-and-Body-Beautiful-Soy-Candes- Australian-Made

If you would like to learn more about our paint and finish products, a good place to start is our best sellers collection.

You can find the collection here

Don’t forget mum - CELEBRATE the wins - Everyday! 

Corrina xx

PS:If you would like to buy one of Swik’s lovely Mother’s Day edition candles for a special mum in your life, you can find the full collection here: 

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