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Five Things We Love About Green.



Green is a Furniture Painters Best Friend... 

We all love green. How can you not? It's everywhere around us, and is the colour that nature has chosen to let us  know that all is right in the world.

Turquoise clear waters of the ocean, the beautiful deep green of the canopy in a rainforest, the clear bright, lime green tips of new spring growth, and the warm coppery olive and sage tones of summer grasses swaying in fields... 

See what we mean? Bliss...

These mismatched bedsides look perfect together now they're united in colour! Paint in 'Comfrey' by @for_the_love_of_flipping


The good news for you when you're styling up a room, or your whole home, is that green is so easy to include, regardless of your scheme or style. 

Here's my top 5 things I love about green, and how I use it in my decor schemes...

1. Just adding a couple of potted plants around with a few different types of foliage will introduce that element of green, and calm to your room. Flowers with foliage work beautifully too. Choose a few different sizes, shapes and shades if you can. Use the planter style to tie them all in with your other chosen decor.  Faux is fine too - especially if you're a little forgetful like I am! You can find some amazingly realistic faux plants. The good ones aren't cheap, but it's a valuable styling piece that you'll be able to use for years to come.  If you prefer real, use self watering pots, or natural terracotta pot spikes like the ones from Up on The Rooftop. They help take the guesswork out of watering your indoor plants & my container growing guru friend, Wendy has some great tips in her blog section for caring for your indoor plants, and balcony garden. 

What's not to love about this 'green' room - the different shades of green are unified by the plants and timber tones. Image from Pinterest. 


2. Green is a colour that will tie your interior's scheme together. You don't have to use a lot - just a few small elements here and there. Vases, painted concrete or plastic planters, cushions, a little green in your rugs, wall art, etc... Easy peasy!

3. There is a shade of green to go with everything you already have!  Warm, bright, muted, deep, grey toned, coppery, lime, sage, clear, and the list goes on. There are so many words we can use to describe different shades of green. The good news is that just about every shade will work well with neutral tones. Just consider if you're trying to match your green to warm neutrals or cool neutrals. Warm shades of green + warm neutrals, cool shades of green + cool toned neutrals.

Cool, moody and deep "Winter Green" Furniture Paint - painted by


Here are a few examples using our Vintage Bird Paint colour palette: 

Bellendale Green milk paint + Raw Cotton

Retreat mineral paint + Bone China

French Pear mineral paint + Chalk White

4. Furniture and decor painted in green looks AMAZING with many of the different special finishes available. Beautiful, floral themed Redesign Transfers, or a decor mould finished in a deep metallic wax are great examples. Check out all of the special finishes we have available by clicking on the Redesign & Special Finishes Tab in the Header Menu. You'll find lots of pictures for inspiration on the collection pages. 

One of our two new shades of green, "Harberton Green" is a deep neutral, muted sage, and works beautifully with mauves and mustards seen here teamed with the "Antonia" Redesign Transfer.


5. Green tones go with every possible decor scheme. Yep, that's right - EVERY type of scheme. Even the iconic blue, grey and white Hamptons style needs a few elements of green to tie it all together. (Think cymbidium orchids or flowering hydrangeas in big blue & white ceramic planters!) 

Green really shines with timber tones, and also when paired with whites. 

You can find a great selection of colours, all expertly matched and displayed in our Styled Mood Board Collection here. Classic Australian, Farmhouse, Rich & Moody, and Vintage style all feature our beautiful greens.


Set the mood for classic Australian styling with Sea Shell & Tallulah, black for depth, and some gorgeous native flora. 


I love painting with green. It's usually my "go to" colour, and I know there are a lot of other furniture painters out there that love painting with green too. We have a vast range of beautiful green shades available in both milk paint & mineral paint, and have popped them all together in a special collection for you: 

The Vintage Bird Green Collection

Happy painting, and styling with gorgeous green! xx